Motion Picture Camera Equipment Maintenance and Repair.

Etkon offers maintenance, repair and upgrades of motion picture camera equipment. We are factory trained by Angenieux (france), Cooke (England), Zeiss (Swiss and Germany), Aaton (France), Moviecam (Swiss), Panavision (England), Arri (Germany), AVC (Germany), Chrosziel (Germany), Sachtler (Germany), P+S Technik (Germany), Cinema Products (America).

We have a most fully equipped independent motion picture camera repair facility in The Netherlands. We also have a well equipped small machine shop, equipped with the most precise equipment available for the size of work we do. For lens repairs and calibrations, we have a Precision Optical Lens Test Projector, an Optical Bench and an Overflow workplace for dust free working.

Please contact us to schedule repair work (e-mail is preferred, please make the first contact by mail or phone)